Different Ways Of Consuming Marijuana.

Everyone loves experimenting! Today there are so many different ways you can enjoy consuming marijuana. Each method produces a different and unique experience with a wide range of effects. With such a variety of different products, strains, and methods, both new and experienced users can always be on the lookout for a new favourite way of ingesting cannabis. Here’s a rundown of six ways you can consume marijuana.


Let’s begin with the most traditional method. Whether it’s in a pipe, bong, or an old fashioned joint, smoking is how most people visualize consuming marijuana. Smoking gives you instant relief, is generally inexpensive, and a joint or pipe can be easily transported anywhere.

  • Hand Pipes – Small, portable, and easy to use. Pipes come in a variety of shapes and colours. They can be creative and flamboyant or disguised for discretion.
  • Water Pipes/Bongs – Similar to hand pipes but are larger and have a section filled with water.
  • Papers – Rolling papers are used to roll marijuana into joints or blunts.
  • Hookahs – A less common method of smoking marijuana involving a multi-person pipe. Although this way is not the most economical, it does allow a group to smoke together, changing the experience.
  • Homemade – Be creative! You would be surprised at the amount of items lying around your house that will work as a pipe in a pinch. Apples, bottles, pens, toilet paper rolls, candy, and even LEGO!


Technically, the best temperature to burn marijuana is not from the heat of a lighter. Vaporizing allows the cannabis to be heated to a lower temperature generating smoke that is easier on the lungs and a taste some people swear by. These days there are a wide range of vaporizers from small hand-held vapes to large table-top designs. Large and more advanced vaporizers can be hundreds of dollars but smaller products can be quite affordable.


Dabbing is a newer delivery method involving dropping potent cannabis concentrates (wax, shatter, oils, etc.) onto a heated surface creating vapour that is trapped and inhaled. This is NOT for beginners and can produce intense highs for even the most experienced smokers.


One of the main alternatives to smoking marijuana is adding it to your food and drink. Marijuana can be added to almost anything you can think of, from crackers to lemonade to the classic weed brownie. Dispensaries now sell many different kinds of edibles with varying potencies and dosages.

Edibles give you a long lasting, intense high, so make sure to start with a low dose and gauge your reaction before having that second weed cookie. Edibles must be digested in order to kick in, so it may take a while for you to feel all the effects.

Oral Methods

  • Oils – Cannabis concentrates taken orally in a pill form, similar to edibles. This takes longer to work but can have strong effects.
  • Tinctures – Three to four drops of liquid marijuana extract dropped beneath the tongue to be absorbed. Faster response when compared to edibles or oils.
  • Sprays – THC spray is the same formula as in a tincture but in a spray bottle, making it more convenient and discrete.

Topical Methods

Cannabis extract can be made into a cream that can be applied and absorbed through your skin. This method differs from others because it is only for medical use. The absorption method means there is no “high” feeling, only local relief in the direct area of use.