Ordering, Payment, Shipping and Refunds


Read this page carefully. This our order page.

After you must have added all the stuff you want to get on your cart, make your order and you’ll pay through!

Payment options are:

-WESTERN UNION. With Western Union payment, you  can either do the payment cash at any western union location or you can do it online using your credit/ debit/ prepaid card.

-MONEY GRAM: With money gram payment, you can either do the payment cash at any money gram location, Walmart or you can do it online with your credit/ debit/ prepaid card.

You’ll receive an email containing the information you need to send the payment for your order once you submit the order on the website.


immediately the payment is been confirmed, we arrange the package and get it shipped the same day. we use FedEX OR UPS. We get the package shipped discretely to the address or P.O box provided by the client. We do a priority mail so the shipping is normally a 24Hrs delivery (Overnight Delivery).

NB. When you submit your order, PLEASE put in your exact house address where you want your package to be dropped off.

Also a valid email address because when your package is been shipped you will receive a tracking number that you will use to track your package and see its arrival time.


If in case ( though we’ve never encountered something of that sort) your package is not delivered or got missing, Please get back to us at info@budsroom.com

 call or text: (720)590-7478

Demand either you want back your money or for another package to be sent. Thanks