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Sour Tsunami is a strain that became famous for being one of the first to be specifically bred for high CBD rather than THC content. The result is a strain that’s effective at treating pain and inflammation without producing a significant “high” that is linked to high THC. Sour Tsunami CBD levels test as high as 10 or 11%, while THC is usually under 10%. Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective bred this strain over four years of hard work by crossing Sour Diesel plants with NYC Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid flowers within 9 weeks, producing dense, dark green buds with dark green and purple-tinged leaves. The buds have a familiar musky diesel smell with sweet undertones. Sour Tsunami has high CBD content, as high as 10% or even 11%, which makes it one of the most seizure-friendly medications on the market. THC levels, on the other hand, are quite low, usually less than 10%. That makes this a good choice for some children with severe epilepsy, as well as other patients whose conditions respond to CBD. Buy Sour Tsunami online – Sour Tsunami – Medical marijuana.

Uses of Sour Tsunami.

  • Sour tsunami is so far accepted as one of the best strains to combat ADD/ADHD, Arthritis and Chronic Pain.
  • Depression, Headaches,Hypertension, are also cases that can be treated with Sour tsunami.
  • Inflammation and Migraines are not left out. Buy Sour Tsunami online – Sour Tsunami – Medical marijuana.

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